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The team at AQLAAL has extensive work experience of development work in the power sector in Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh. The projects related to corporate restructuring and corporatization of SOEs, policy and regulatory studies in the renewable energy sector, capacity building of regulatory authorities, and the like. Some significant assignments are listed below.


● Establishing a Central Power Purchasing Agency (CPPA) to set up, operate and manage a market (and associated mechanisms and systems) for power trading in Pakistan amongst the recently corporatized generation and distribution companies and the independent power producers in Pakistan. Assigned tasks included drafting of template PPAs and trading agreements for the respective market segments and recommending legal and institutional changes.

● 2007 Study Report on the legal and regulatory framework for establishing and operating renewable energy projects in Pakistan, private sector participation in its various forms, the market entry conditions and applications, the incentives regimes for entry and recommendations.


● Senior International Legal Expert on the consulting team assigned for creation of Nepal Grid Company as part of the overall structural reform of the Nepal Electricity Authority. The project entailed identification of steps for the creation of the grid company and for its enablement to operate as an independent system operator and independent market operator. Legal component included review of relevant laws and identification of legal measures required to form the successor company, its emerging role as a fair and transparent dispatcher within the context of multiple Independent Power Projects, development of the Grid Code and corporate governance matters.

● Legal member of the team for review and drafting of Electricity Act and National Electricity Regulatory Commission Act for Nepal power sector, for legislation on the policy objectives set out in the Hydropower Policy of Nepal, 2001. The assignment entailed review of private infrastructure investment and power sector related laws, analysis and reporting on changes required to existing legal framework for conformance with the proposed new regulatory framework.


● Acted as the International Legal Expert for the restructuring and corporatisation of the Dhaka Electric Supply Authority in Bangladesh. The project entailed devising the overall strategy and its implementation for restructuring and corporatisation, transfer of assets and personnel, financial restructuring including evaluation of options for divestment of DESA’s shares in Dhaka Electric Supply Company, drafting of commercial agreements between DESA and other power sector entities; drafting of personnel policies, preparation of a financial and commercial action plan, implementation of the financial and management systems, and support to the new company to assimilate the new management systems and procedures. Specific tasks to be completed in close coordination with the other members of the team included identification of legal steps to be taken for conversion of DESA from a statutory body to a limited liability company, transfer of assets and liabilities to the successor company, identification of transactions both preceding and post corporatization and to prepare legal instruments and agreements to formalize these transactions, including power purchase and business transfer agreements.

● Lead International Legal Expert for drafting of legal documentation related to corporatisation of West Zone Distribution Operations of Bangladesh Power Development Board, including the Power Purchase Agreement and Assets Transfer Agreements. The assignment entailed facilitating negotiations between stakeholders to encourage agreement on the commercial terms of the agreements and advising on all legal matters associated with corporatisation including the transfer of employees, assets and rights, and the regulatory compliance requirements for the corporatised entity.

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